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Why Tracking Numbers Are So Important to Track Leads
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August 22, 2022

Lead tracking in digital marketing is excellent for achieving sales goals for any business size. In addition, you can get the right solutions in a record time frame. There are multiple ways of tracking leads, one of which is tracking numbers. Businesses often have contact numbers on their websites, adverts, and social media platforms. However, they often pay more attention to generating leads from other marketing campaigns over the phone numbers they put up. We mean that many business owners, unfortunately, don’t track their clients’ calls.

This article will consider how important lead tracking through phone calls is. Also, you’ll see multiple benefits of tracking numbers to achieve your company goals and reduce customer churn rates. Triple Digital is the company to call for the best digital marketing services, including Google Ads and Google Analytics. We offer multiple marketing services. In addition, we can exploit your call tracking data in favor of your business.

What Is Lead Tracking?

Leads are contacts with active and potential customers, often called “prospects.” This contact could be direct or through phone calls or your email address. Anyone at all who has had any form of contact with your company is a “lead.” Notably, the person needs not have purchased any of your goods or services. Therefore, it’s at this point that every customer journey begins.

Usually, leads are the focus of every sales team. A good sales manager would always be considering how to convert leads to customers. Essentially, untapped leads are gold mines holding potentials for business development through revenue creation.

So, what is lead tracking?

Lead tracking is the process of determining lead sources, actively monitoring where leads are in the sales funnel, and taking actions to close the sale. Lead tracking follows the activity of potential customers from the point of the first contact, possibly through phone calls. Furthermore, it continues onto the end of such contact – completing the sales process.

Usually, companies keep detailed records of such leads. Also, a significant portion of sales activity and the marketing budget is geared towards analyzing this data. The end goal is often hastening the customer journey towards the end of the sales pipeline, that’s, closing the sale.

Apart from determining the source of leads, lead tracking can also pinpoint the nature of leads. For instance, tracking leads can distinguish between outbound and inbound leads. Outbound leads are those your company contacted. For example, it could be through your social media advertising. Conversely, inbound leads refer to those seeking out your company, maybe through calls from ads or your email address.

Why Is Lead Tracking Important?

Lead tracking is crucial for every business. There are also many ways of lead generation and tracking. Furthermore, tracking leads has many attendant benefits. Firstly, tracking leads can help marketing departments determine more qualified leads. Qualified leads are potential customers who’ve scaled through the qualifying criteria to assess their quality as leads.

In addition, lead tracking can help businesses:

  • Determine how close a lead is to close a deal. Plus this data can show sales reps how much extra effort they need to put in to close the sale.
  • Make better decisions to improve lead quality and revenue generation.
  • Adequately apportion time to leads based on their various peculiarities.
  • Know which marketing channels are bringing in the best leads and capitalize on them.

Why Are Tracking Numbers Important for Tracking Leads?

There are many ways to track leads, and tracking numbers is one of them. Usually, websites, social media, and offline campaigns include company phone numbers. Apart from other means of contacting businesses, leads can directly call and speak with representatives. Therefore, such companies must track their numbers. Below are the top benefits of tracking numbers.

Determines the Best Marketing Campaigns

Spending large sums of money on marketing campaigns doesn’t mean that such campaigns will bring sales. Unfortunately, you may never know which of your campaigns are unhelpful. This is where tracking numbers come in. Tracking for calls lets you know what keywords and campaigns have higher conversion rates. This is because, by speaking directly to potential leads, you can determine what made them call. This way, you can identify the click-through rate of ads. Now, you can cut off redundant marketing strategies to save money.

Many Leads Don’t Convert Online

Imagine that you’re running multiple Google Ads and other online marketing campaigns. A significant percentage of customers will contact you from these Google Ads. However, many other leads don’t convert online. Some may just see your phone number and place a call. Therefore, it isn’t unusual to convert many leads via phone calls. However, if you weren’t tracking numbers, you may lose credit for such leads.

Inbound Leads Are on the Increase

Phone calls aren’t dead. Instead, many qualified leads are contacting companies directly through phone calls. Venture capitalist Mark Suster has already pointed out that vital phone calls are increasing. Furthermore, many such leads are reliable with encouraging conversion rates.

The rationale for increasing inbound calls is that some people find it easier to place calls. For example, a large percentage of leads would instead call in than fill lengthy online forms. In addition, phoning allows for live interaction with sales reps. Many leads would rather talk to humans than stumble through online procedures.

Increased Conversion Rates

Finally, call tracking is essential because phone calls have significant conversion rates. A report has stated that calls are better leads than clicks, even on Google Ads. This is because phone calls have about 30-50% conversion rates. Conversely, clicks have just about 1-2% conversion rates. So, a significant percentage of leads that call you would make purchases. In addition, call tracking allows you to monitor conversations with clients and staff. For instance, you can track what your sales reps say to callers. Consequently, you can quickly evaluate staff effectiveness.

How To Track Call Leads for Your Business

We’ve already established that tracking numbers are essential for your business. Therefore, the next step is to show how you can track phone calls coming to your business. Call tracking essentially traces the source of an incoming call. You can do this manually or automatically with tracking software. Automatic tracking solutions are a better option for companies.

How To Track Numbers for Lead Generation

Phone call conversion tracking doesn’t have to be challenging. Below are some steps to get going.

Ask Questions

So, someone called about a product or service you advertised. Why not directly ask how they heard about you? This is the easiest and cheapest mode of call tracking. While speaking with your callers, you can look for opportunities to insert this question. Then, you can set up a database to track the responses you get. The drawback is that callers may not always remember where they got your number. This is often the case when they don’t call immediately after they see the contact info.

Use Call Tracking Software

If you choose the path of automation, you have multiple tracking software solutions. In addition, you can get good software at reasonable prices. So, instead of having to ask questions repeatedly, you can create custom phone numbers for your various marketing campaigns. Then, you can easily track each call you get.

Google Ads Call Extensions

Google Ads call extensions work just like tracking software. They allow you to add a forwarding number to your website. You can also add a call extension to your ads. Consequently, you can connect your Google Ads conversions and direct phone calls to your business. Finally, Google Ads even allows you to fix the duration of the call based on when you consider it a lead.

Google Analytics is another option you can consider. This platform offers multiple benefits, including tracking bounce rates and website visits. It can also help you track calls coming from your website.

Click-To-Call Buttons on Social Media Platforms

Social media platforms like Facebook have click-to-call buttons. Activating this option on your page can simplify call tracking for you. This is an excellent option if you’re targeting particular groups as potential leads. For example, you may want to reach mobile shoppers. People who click to call you on such platforms have already demonstrated considerable commitment to buy your product or service.

Why Do Businesses Need To Keep Track of Customers?

Company goals can only become a reality through the sales activity of their customers. That is, a significant percentage of customers must consistently respond to the sales efforts of the marketing team. Therefore, tracking customers is an essential activity for business owners.

Consequently, customer tracking has developed over the years. From manual tracking activities, there are now advanced customer tracking tools such as tracking software. But, just how important is keeping track of your customers to customer retention and your marketing campaign goals?

Knowing Your Customers Will Help You Sell Better

Customer tracking tools allow businesses to collect specific data on their customers. There’s also available data for judging a potential customer. Collectible information includes personal data, response rates to social media campaigns, customer thoughts on product performance, etc. Furthermore, you can collect behavioral data on an entire sales process.

The result is that this data will allow you to know your customers better. Such knowledge will help you tailor your business model to serve them better. Consequently, your marketing efforts will lead to more closed deals.

Helps You Judge Customer Satisfaction

Keeping track of your customers with tracking software can also help you determine customer satisfaction. Firstly, an excellent tracking service can pinpoint customer preferences. Such preferences would include quality of services and products, payment methods, and communication preferences.  A sales team can then compare this data with the existing business model. Here, the goal is to know whether customer expectations match actual business output. The result of such analysis is the verdict on customer satisfaction.

Determine Product Performance

Customer satisfaction relates closely to product performance. If your product satisfies a customer, it most likely means that it served the purpose you advertised it for. So, the product performance was high. Fortunately, keeping track of your customers can help you determine product performance. All you have to do is monitor and analyze feedback on your product or service from your clients. For instance, you can check comments and reviews on your social media platforms.

Reduce Customer Churn Rates

Every business deals with customer churn. It doesn’t matter how effective your sales strategy is. You may still experience significant churn rates. However, although customer churn is inevitable, you can significantly reduce it. Firstly, customer loss often has a reason. Therefore, by keeping track of your customers, you can discover potential losses early. If you fix the problem immediately, you may yet retain that client and reduce your churn rates.

The customer journey can be challenging when you have limited information on your clients. Furthermore, being in the dark can significantly increase your customer churn rates. Therefore, keeping track of your customers is vital throughout every sales process.

Contact Triple Digital for Your Digital Marketing Needs

If you want to achieve customer satisfaction and gauge product performance, call tracking is a great step. Furthermore, with the increased conversion rates tracking calls offers, you can meet your sales goals quicker. However, you’ll need the best digital marketing firm for your online campaigns. It’s always best to allow the experts to handle your digital marketing needs.

That’s where Triple Digital comes in. We’re a company with skilled professionals in digital marketing and advertising. Notably, too, we back up our work with information and strong SEO. Therefore, you can rely on us to use your call tracking data to develop digital marketing solutions suitable for your business goals.

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