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Why SEO is Great for Your Business
Posted on:
August 22, 2022

In today's world, there is an increased demand to focus on search engine optimization. Companies small and large need to understand the significance of SEO and the importance of updated SEO techniques. Generally speaking, old strategies simply don't work anymore.

However, before we can dive into why solid SEO strategies are essential for your business, we first need to discuss what SEO entails - and what it doesn't. Don't fret if it seems a bit confusing, our SEO experts are here to guide you.

SEO Basics

Search engine optimization (SEO) uses specific techniques to make your website more appealing to Google and other search engines. Although numerous factors go into SEO, you should focus on making it easy for any user or Google bot can navigate your company's website.

You may have seen paid advertisements at the top or side of Google's search results. Typically, this leads to "paid traffic." SEO does not entail anything classified as paid advertising, also known as PPC (pay-per-click) advertising. SEO results in "organic traffic," which means people find your particular website when it appears in unpaid search results. A properly optimized website could be a vital source of new leads for your business. And unless you can do it yourself, you'll most likely need to hire a digital marketing company to take on the SEO work for you.

Understanding the Significance of SEO

Consider this: in 2017, an average of approximately 1.98 million websites were developed every single day. As of now, the internet is flooded with almost 2 billion websites, and being distinct can feel challenging.

However, it is not just a feeling. If you lack a great website, there is a good chance you'll get lost in the world of websites. According to statistics, users click on Google's top search result about 30% of the time. However, they only click the fifth result approximately 4% of the time. If you lack a properly optimized website, there's a slim chance that you will get significant traffic via search engines.

However, the good part is that Google has changed. Today, local SEO has become a vital aspect of digital marketing. In general, Google prides itself on featuring local businesses on their SERPs (search engine results pages). But more than that, they like featuring local companies with great, optimized websites.

The reason behind this is that Google's primary goal is to provide searchers with relevant answers and solutions quickly. For example, if you're looking for an electrician to resolve your electrical problems, finding one in a different state probably isn't going to help. Google does its best to find out your location to show you the electricians closest to you.

As you can see, the significance of SEO can't be overstated. It would help if you optimized your website to beat out your competitors in the search results. Let's go over some of the ways to do this.

Optimizing Your Online Presence

Generally speaking, SEO's technical aspects can seem overwhelming. Unless you're sure of what you're doing, it would be best to work with a reputable SEO company to have it done correctly. But there are several things you could probably do by yourself to increase your chances of rising to the top of Google's SERPs.

  1. Utilize Google My Business

Google My Business is one of the most critical tools that Google provides its local business owners. With this tool, you can outline your company's info to make it much easier for searchers to decide whether your services are the ones they require. Try to fill in as many details as possible to give prospective customers a good picture of your business. However, Google My Business has so much more to offer.

In general, the reviews feature is the most important tool. People need to know whether you are trustworthy. After all, people trust online reviews like they trust their friends. You should encourage your clients to leave reviews on Google because people are more willing to choose a company that gets positive online reviews, as opposed to a business with no reviews.

  1. Create Relevant Content

In the past, companies used shady methods such as respun articles and keyword stuffing. But today, Google is much smarter. If you aren't coming up with content that people want to read, it will be challenging to rise in the rankings. High-quality content usually indicates to Google that you have a great site, which will result in more traffic.

There can be many forms of great content, including long-form blogs regarding your industry's future to quick, useful how-to guides. And it doesn't have to be in written form.

Let's go back to the electrician example:

A good piece of content may be titled "How to Fix an Electrical Issue Fast," with a step-by-step guide. Even better, it can also have a video showing you how to deal with this kind of problem. That way, visual learners could find out the solution fast, and you prove that you know what you're doing - improving your trustworthiness. And, when it comes to Google, trustworthy content is a huge deal!

It would be best to create as many types of media as you can. Blogs, videos, quizzes, infographics, and other forms of content are all helpful to different kinds of people. You'll need to experiment and find out the type of content that works best for your audience and business.

  1. Share, Share, Share

Sharing your business on several different platforms helps give your company more visibility. The proper way to do so is to share high-quality content on all your social media platforms. As you might know, Facebook is among the most popular and easiest to use, but LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, and other outlets could also be helpful.

If you create videos for your website, you'll need to get a branded YouTube channel. There are several technical reasons why YouTube is vital for your business. But perhaps the important is that embedding and sharing YouTube videos is easy - and it's one of the world's most visited sites.

Why SEO is Great for Your Business. An Experienced SEO Company Can Help to Completely Optimize Your Site

Search engine optimization can be challenging. If you want to be unique, you'll need a site that's free of technical problems and is a useful resource for visitors. And being a business owner, you likely have neither have the time nor experience to do that correctly.

Triple Digital knows a thing or two about helping clients reach the top of Google's SERPs. As an SEO company, we stay up-to-date on the latest search engine algorithm and industry trends. And we know how to help you rank.

Call us now for free website analysis and find out how we can help you beat the competition!

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